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Palm Beach rental property management company inspection

Wondering what is property management inspection? It is nothing but the regular inspection of the property to ensure that any structural or visual issues are addressed immediately so that the problem would not be worsened further. The inspection is usually conducted by the property manager who has been assigned by the Palm Beach rental property management company. Now you may have doubts regarding the responsibilities of property manager. He is the intermediary between the owner of the property and both the tenants and contractors who carry out repair to the facility. He also makes sure that the property meets with all property and housing legislation.

You must have hired a Palm Beach rental management company for your convenience for managing your rental houses. The company manages the inspection of the property depending on the nature of the facility, including the grounds, outside structure of the property and the interior. Ground inspection includes all the landscape portion of the property. But you don't have to worry if your house has a swimming pool. Even outdoor spaces like parking lots, tennis courts, swimming pools would also be included in the inspection. The Palm Beach rental property management company must have hired contractors for gardening, plumping, electrical works etc. so they would make sure if the lawns are mowed and if they find any inaccuracies, existing landscapers would be replaced. The inspector would check for the proper functioning and cleanliness of the pool and also parking lots are well maintained.

Once the manager finish inspecting the grounds of the facility, he would also walk the perimeter of the building. He takes a note of any peeling of paint, loose shutters etc. Clear visual inspection is conducted on roof for debris or shingles that might have come loose. Proper care is given to electrical line, phone line and any satellite dishes mounted on the facility. Concerned people are called and necessary repair would be done if any hitches are identified. If your building has some security device in place, inspector would ensure that they are in working condition.

Next comes the most important part; the interior of the house. The Palm Beach rental management company would conduct the inspection from the ground up. The foundation at the lowest levels would be checked for any signs of cracking or leaking. Water heaters, boilers and gas heater also come under examination. The machines for laundry facility and dryer ventilation are checked for proper functioning. The Palm Beach property manager moves through the building and check the windows, door and light fixtures, ceiling, carpet and floors and also kitchen sinks and toilets.

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